Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fundamental Exposure

Today the Dragon faculty was exposed to some fundamental concepts leading to producing higher achievement and success in our students.  Terms like, framing, power zone, FSGPT, thumbs up, writing across the curriculum were thrown out to the audience, some recognizable others just as strange sounding and stranger looking in its acronym form.

 The Dragon faculty in conjunction with Region 19 will be participate in a collaborative endeavor in the upcoming year.  This endeavor is designed and expected to produce greater cohesion amongst the faculty members, which in turn is expected to produce greater success in our students achievement. The presentation was positive, very upbeat as our facilitator pulled off balancing act between a very interactive faculty and her platform shoes.

This blog is set to be a place for the Douglass faculty who are invited authors to post their impressions or thoughts and others to write their response to their posts  If you would like to be an author please contact the generator of this blog at <>, if not then we want each of you to respond to at least three of the authors listed as we go through the book and come together for our PLC time.  This will only be successful if you take the time to see this through, five to seven minutes is all that is needed. With that said, GO DRAGONS!